How to Manage Your Adult ADHD Symptoms for Success

Adult ADHD symptoms can help us at times and destroy us in others (if we allow them to). That’s an incredibly well-known fact. Adult ADHD is NOT a “gift,” like some profess. They need to re-think that codydramol statement. Millions suffer with this condition and co-existing ones as well. Yes, we tent to be creative and innovative, for sure.

However, not every single person with ADHD is that way! It’s simply a pattern, and even the ones who are very talented also have potentially horrible struggles on a daily basis through mood swings, racing, intrusive thoughts, self-loathing, anger and a lack of self-esteem via perfectionism.

I know my stuff here, I’ve lived it from both sides! For a brief period I myself called Adult ADHD a “gift.” Holy crap was I ever wrong, as much as I’m a very positive guy by nature. Yes – focus on the good, on your abilities and your strengths, by ALL means! That’s not what I’m saying here.

What I’m saying is that those who only see it as a gift and go spewing their mouths like that do ALL of us a disservice. ADHD NEARLY KILLED ME as the result of the anxiety from racing thoughts and the depression about my never-ending career failures in life, not to mention my relationship failures, never sticking with anything, and so-on.

Focus on talents, but sure as hell don’t have your head in the clouds when facing the truth is concerned. You’ve got struggles, you have areas to work on that hold you back. Guess how I know? – You’re HUMAN.

Now then – onto how to manage your Adult ADHD symptoms for success:
There are lots of ways to manage your Adult ADHD symptoms. Keep track of what you’re trying is my first piece of advice. Here are a few tips for working your way to a happier life:

Seek therapy if you feel overwhelmed (This can be through talking things out with a friend, searching a video on YouTube on therapy and ADHD, or paying for the real thing if you can afford it)
Get more than 5 hours of sleep per night! (Many mis-diagnoses of ADHD occur because a lack of sleep over time can really throw people off, making it look like… guessed it)
Would medication help? (While it can be scary to go on meds, you can always go back off/try other ones with the supervision of a trained physician)
Get some physical activity when you get an energy burst! (Nothing like some good old-fashioned physical activity to help balance us out when we feel “wired” mentally….like we have energy that MUST get out somehow)
Get creative! (See the above point – this helps, too)
“Let go” and give yourself a break, damn it! (Learn to take regular mental breaks, forcing yourself to let go and return to things when you’re calmer and re-charged again. No point in self-sabotaging)
Make a change, but think it through! (If something feels like it’s killing you, and you aren’t in a panic attack about it and have thought it through for a while, then DO SOMETHING about it. Get out of your comfort zone and make some positive change)
Those are just a few of the ways you can learn to manage your Adult ADHD symptoms for success and greater joy in your life. Take what works from this list, and be honest with yourself. Then, toss the rest.

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