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Honest Social Media Marketing Machines Review

It could be a challenge to find an honest review of Social Media Marketing Machines with all of the hype surrounding chat with random people its launch.
Mike Koenigs and his team are following up their very successful Main Street Marketing Machines launch with an enhanced version of the program called, Social Media Marketing Machines.

Since Main Street Marketing Machines was so successful, there are a number of affiliates promoting Social Media Marketing Machines. That is why it could be a challenge to find an unbiased review – since it’s mainly affiliates who are writing reviews (Disclaimer: This one included).

Plus, no one can really say they have used Social Media Marketing Machines before since it is a new program. That said, it is the enhanced version of the previous programs and it is based largely on the power of Traffic Geyser and their related products. (I have been using Traffic Geyser and love it. It’s a great product with very good people backing it up and they always provide prompt and friendly service when its needed. In addition, I used and benefited from the Main Street Marketing Machines training so that is what this review is based on).

Now, on to answer a few questions:
Could I learn all of this on my own without Social Media Marketing Machines?
Yes. There is a plenty of training available today.
Do I have to have this product to be successful in Social Media Marketing?
No. Of course, not. You create your own success.
To be as successful as possible, do I need to use these tools?

This is an interesting question. There are many ways to get the same results. You need to take your time into account. When you do, looking at ROE (Return on Effort), you would have a hard time finding another solution outside of Traffic Geyser that allows you do to some much in so little time. Please note, this is not saying, that you can just push a button and the sales roll in. That does not happen. Everything worth doing in life takes effort and hard work to be successful. This tool just helps you to reach success faster.

Is the training really that good?
In using the previous release as the basis to answer this question, yes. They provide both step by step introductory training for those new to the industry and they provide archived videos from previous live events that offer greater detail on more advanced topics. New video trainings are provided each week to help get you up to speed. They also bring in special guests that provide beneficial information and helpful tips. Last time, I would have preferred more written training material so it did not take as much time to watch the videos, but the learning is better with video.

Is it really worth the money to buy a system when I could create my own?
When it comes to the investment, this decision is up to you. As stated before, you can certainly learn this information elsewhere and could likely find training that is less expensive. The point of this program is that it goes beyond training and provides tools and a business set-up as well. This could be compared to a similar set-up that I experienced first hand.

Back in 1999, after I graduated from Ga. Tech, I purchased an Internet Marketing Franchise. The set-up was similar to that of any franchise, such as a McDonald’s. They had a system in place and provided the getting started documents, training materials, sales materials, contacts and access to tools to help the users succeed. At that time, the investment was about $30,000 and today, it is about $50,000.

Compare that to Social Media Marketing Machines. They also have a system in place that works, provide getting started documents and training, provide training materials and sales materials, contracts and access to tools to help users succeed… sounds pretty similar. Plus, their tools, such as Traffic Geyser are the best in the industry and their training is being delivered live. Finally, the investment in Social Media Marketing Machines is over 90% less than that of a franchise, so using this comparison, it’s pretty easy to see the value.

Hopefully this helps shed some light on the Social Media Marketing Machines. Also, when you are considering the program, be sure to considering choosing the right bonus to compliment the program.

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